Butterfly watch

It’s Sunday morning and I’m under my tree again. These past days have been hot ones, but under the dogwood, I’m able to stay cool. This is my favorite place to be on weekends — in a camp chair, in the shade of my favorite tree, observing the garden. A few minutes ago, from the … Continue reading Butterfly watch

Boggle love

I shouldn’t be as proud as I am of this, especially since I’m usually competing against my 10- and 12-year old children, but I am the reigning Boggle champion in our household. I ❤️ Boggle. I get into it. Every time we sit down to play, I wonder, “Will this be the time I lose … Continue reading Boggle love

Filling vases

The baby basils have become bushes. I cut 10-15 stems, tucked them in a glass vase, and the emerald green plants don’t look like I touched them. I could fill five vases before the removal of any leaves would be noticeable. Tonight the vase of basil scented the dinner table while we ate homemade pasta … Continue reading Filling vases

Headed home

I’m in the Atlanta airport again. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time passing through here lately. This time I’m on my way home from a vacation with my girlfriends in Jamaica.  Between being on the Caribbean, reading my sailing primer, and knowing we have a boat at home, I feel the tug … Continue reading Headed home

Grand finale

It’s our final day in Jamaica. We need to take it out with a bang. Stretch, our entertainment coordinator friend, scolded us for not showing up at the show we promised to participate in last night. We told him we were leading “Buffalo Soldier” and “Three Little Birds” singalongs with our chef at the Japanese … Continue reading Grand finale