Swirly sail

Our daughter gave up her seat in the sailboat this past weekend, and I took it. It was likely to be our last chance to sail before it gets too cold. Already it was chilly for a small, wet boat: sweatshirt and long pants weather rather than sweatshirts and swimsuits. “I don’t know,” my husband said. “There’s a wind … Continue reading Swirly sail

October sky

Even at noon in October, the light is beautiful. It shines gold on earth, making the blue sky even bluer. On my flex day yesterday, I walked the path I used to walk every day when we lived at our old house. I listened to the New Yorker Fiction podcast and snapped photographs of October meadows against a cobalt … Continue reading October sky

Flex Day

I read fiction this morning. On a Tuesday, on the couch, at 7am, with my smoothie. I never read fiction in the morning. I read it on the weekends after my chores are done. I read it at night after my day’s work is done. Fiction is a reward: it is my treat for working … Continue reading Flex Day


The garden is transitioning from summer to fall. The milkweed is mottled and scraggly, the sweet basil is yellowed and setting seeds. The parsley bolted, the Thai basil fell over under its own weight. It’s time to do some cleanup. Yesterday it rained all day. It was one of my favorite types of autumn Saturdays: … Continue reading Chrysanthemums

Flush technology

Don’t let anyone tell you words don’t have power. When my husband and I shopped for toilets recently, I could not stop giggling at the language used for selling what we all want most from a toilet: to hide the evidence. More than that, our trip to Home Depot showed me that having a gift with words doesn’t … Continue reading Flush technology