Snow Day Fatigue

Line graph of Excitement vs. Snow Days, Kids vs. Mom on andreabadgley.comBetween “severe weather” days, delayed starts, and early releases, the kids haven’t had a full week of school since winter break.

Line graph of Mom's Alcohol Consumption Vs Number of Snow Days on andreabadgley.comSpring will be here soon, right?

I prepared this yesterday, giggling to myself, when I thought for sure the kids would have a snow day today.  They only got a two hour delay.  Now I feel bad, like I jinxed their fun.  I’ll make hot cocoa this morning to make up for it.

13 thoughts on “Snow Day Fatigue

  1. I used to weep in the bathroom when my kids were younger and I’d not been able to touch my writing in a meaningful way for days on end due to snow days. I should have just turned to booze I guess ;)


  2. Snow day here! We have 7 inches so far and the snow is poundin down like Donkey Kong out there! Woke up with no power this morning but it came back an hour ago….I RAN for my coffee pot when that power flickered back to life. Now I am human again and can handle another outtage if need be…whew! The kids are unhappy to be stuck, especially our daughter who didnt have being stuck in the snow on her list of things to do for college spring break….Our son just came in from sledding on the driving range with his friends. He’s done with that now. Now what? HAHA…. Snow is so much more fun when it happens in December but when we are ready for Springtime sun, flowers and twitterpated birds, the snow is just not amusing at all…..and since I just cut off ALL MY HAIR (charlize theron style), going outside is MUCH MUCH colder now!


    • I feel your pain! We just got a dusting here, so no full on cabin fever like what you’re going through, but the last snow day we had (for freezing rain, so there weren’t even attractive outdoor activities) about pushed me over the edge.


  3. I know for a fact that this is exactly how my mom felt. We grew up in Chicago, so I remember having more than a few snow days! Then we moved to Arizona for high school and I wanted a “heat” day when the temperatures got up to over 110, but that never happened! Womp womp.


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